The Blade Reading, UK


The Blade provides 11,000 sq.m of cutting edge headquarters accommodation and comprises 15 office floors, a nine-floor apartment block and a two-level riverside restaurant.

The Delmatic system provides fully-flexible addressable DSI dimming throughout office areas with presence detectors and daylight-linking, and interactive control of lighting within core areas.

The system is managed and monitored through graphical head-end software which displays the active status of lighting as well as providing information on luminaire run times: all changes to system configuration are made through software including the time-out periods of sensors.

The Delmatic system provides total flexibility for incoming tenants to personalise and customise the system in their demise to suit their individual requirements. The graphical software enables lighting groupings to be configured to suit partitioning and open-plan zoning as well as enabling tenants to adjust lighting levels to suit their individual preferences and use of the space. Presence detectors and multisensors provide a high degree of energy-efficiency. Tenants may enhance the system to suit their individual requirements and include such features as desktop web browser switching and dimming as well as IP telephony switching and dimming.

The Blade
Architect: Sheppard Robson Architects
Consultant: Rambol Whitby Bird
Contractor: N G Bailey
Size: 11,000 sq.m