Company Profile


Delmatic are leading international suppliers of integrated lighting and energy management solutions and have been designing and manufacturing advanced systems since 1959.

Five decades of expertise in the lighting management and intelligent controls sectors coupled with an unmatched research and development programme creates integrated hardware and software at the cutting edge of the electronics, lighting and IT sectors.

Delmatic are committed to openness and our systems use the international standard protocols of Dali, Lon, IP and Bacnet. Involvement in the application of these technologies to some of the world's largest buildings makes us experts in interactive solutions, and we can assist in developing sustainable systems which seamlessly integrate lighting, air-conditioning, solar shading and security.

Our experience gives us unique insight into networked controls and is a resource frequently tapped by clients and their advisors. We work closely with consultants, clients, contractors, integrators & other professionals to design and apply systems to meet the varying needs within different geographical markets and business sectors.

Our service embraces every stage of a project, starting from the earliest days of concept design and working with the team to understand the project requirements, unmatched technical assistance in developing an optimised lighting and energy-management scheme, comprehensive project management during installation, and culminating in the handing over of a fully-operational system to trained client personnel.

With offices in London, Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia and partners in key markets throughout the world, Delmatic actively leads the international lighting management industry and continues to excel in the development of innovative and sustainable solutions for an international client base.