Lighting Management

Delmatic lighting management systems optimise energy efficiency and sustainability, provide total flexibility through addressable control of every luminaire in a building, and combine comprehensive central management and monitoring of the installation with powerful local user control.

Energy efficiency is optimised through presence and absence detection, daylight-linked dimming and scheduled control, by maximising daylight through solar-shading and window blind control, as well as integrated control of other energy consuming devices including air-conditioning.

Systems incorporate the open technologies of Dali, Lon, Bacnet and IP for high-speed, energy-efficient control of lighting as well as for seamless integration and interoperability with other services to achieve efficient and joined-up control of all energy-consuming devices.

Delmatic systems provide total flexibility through addressable control and monitoring of every luminaire in a building. Virtual wiring technology links luminaires to local control devices through software enabling the complete system operation to be programmed and adapted to suit the evolving operational requirements of clients. Changes to switching and dimming arrangements to suit alterations to zoning and partitioning layouts are achieved through drag-and-drop software and without rewiring, while the system operation is fine-tuned through learning to achieve the most energy-efficient arrangement.

Animated graphics provide real-time monitoring and feedback, display comprehensive information on system operation including the active status of each luminaire, log individual lamp hours-run data,  generate recommended relamping schedules for optimum replacement, achieve virtual metering of energy consumption, highlight lamp failures and monitor the performance of local and central battery-fed emergency lighting.

Powerful user controls enable individuals to locally manage and adjust their environment using a variety of devices including wall switches, hand-held transmitters, desktop controllers, IP telephones and PC web-browsers.

The lighting management system architecture is based upon a modular network, and the range of switching and dimming modules provides for every degree of flexibility (from control of whole lighting circuits to addressing of individual luminaires) and for control of all types of light source.

Delmatic systems combine leading-edge hardware and software, provide total compliance with local Building Regulations and score high credits in leading international green rating systems including Breeam, Leed and Estidama. Systems are available as fully designed and commissioned systems or in modular form for design and configuration by third-party integrators.

Delmatic systems provide:

Flexible, energy efficient control
Enhanced working environment
Real time monitoring of lighting
Lamp failure detection
Emergency light testing and monitoring
Presence, absence detection and daylight linking
Open system integration
Graphical management
Distributed intelligence