ADIA Headquarters Abu Dhabi, UAE


The Delmatic energy optimisation system at the 100,000 sq.m headquarters of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority maximises energy efficiency by relating lighting and air-conditioning to occupation of individual areas.

The building is the first in the Gulf to focus on sustainability, and full interoperability between lighting, air-conditioning and solar shading blinds makes it the most integrated and efficient project in the region.

The Delmatic system provides Dali dimming throughout the 44 office floors and integrates seamlessly with window blind and air-conditioning controls using the Lon international open protocol. Third party Lon window blind controllers connect directly to the Delmatic buswire (achieving savings in both cabling and network installation) while the Lon building management VAV units are also configured and controlled through the Delmatic system.

Delmatic infra-red desktop controllers in each of the 1000 perimeter cellular offices enable users to control their lighting, window blinds and room temperature, while occupants in open-plan areas can switch and dim lighting from their IP telephones. Multisensors mounted within the suspended office luminaires provide presence related switching and dimming of lighting as well as presence related control of air-conditioning speed and temperature band. Presence-detector control of lighting minimises energy consumption as well as reducing the cooling load while energy savings are further enhanced by relating VAV operation & temperature to occupation: ASHRAE studies show that widening the temperature control band in an office by one degree achieves 4% energy savings.

The entire system is managed and monitored through graphical software at the head-end PC which provides networked control of lighting within the headquarters building and the adjacent 30,000 sq.m carpark, support and health-club building.

Delmatic have been associated with ADIA for more than twenty years, and good experience with a Delmatic system installed in ADIA’s original headquarters in the early 1980s resulted in ADIA selecting Delmatic for their new headquarter complex.

ADIA Headquarters
Architect: KPF
Consultant: Buro Happold
Contractor: Kharafi National
Size: 100,000 sq.m