The Forum Norwich, UK


The Forum and Millennium Library is a major civic and community centre which acts as a focus for City activities: the building is conceived as a covered Courtyard with the spectacular glazed end wall letting light into the heart of the building and welcoming the city in. The horseshoe form of the three-storey building accommodates different activities on a series of balconies around a dynamic central public atrium. The Norwich Millennium Library occupies the semi-circular end on two levels while the outer arms of the horseshoe house restaurants, shops, studios and offices for BBC Radio, the city's tourist information centre, as well as careers and adult education services. The Delmatic lighting management system extends the drama of lighting into the building , and couples scenic effects with energy-efficient daylight-linking and presence-related controls. Lighting throughout the public front-of-house and back-of-house areas is controlled with comprehensive automatic switching/dimming coupled with local user controls. Three networked PCs provide independent control of defined areas enabling lighting to be efficiently managed and monitored and special control patterns to be configured for public and evening events.

The Forum Architect: Michael Hopkins and Partners Consultant: Oscar Faber Contractor: N G Bailey Size 25,000 sq.m