Pfizer Research HQ Sandwich, UK

Building 530 at Pfizer’s European Research and development Headquarters at Sandwich is equipped with a state-of-the-art Delmatic lighting management system which integrates via Lon open protocol with the building management services. The building reinforces Pfizer’s goal to provide an inspirational environment to promote excellence in pharmaceutical science. The multidisciplinary research facility has 35,000 sq.m of laboratory, write up and support space across four floors. Research teams are arranged in “pods” comprised of 40 to 50 researchers, and laboratories are located along the exterior to provide natural light and views to the outside. The Delmatic Dali modules individually address, switch, dim and monitor every luminaire while open protocol Lon communication between modules ensures distributed intelligence and allows integration with other Lon services and devices. The system provides full user control of lighting levels while presence-related control and daylight-linking minimises energy consumption: local lighting control devices are integrated with the mechanical services temperature transmitter located within the laboratories. Both lighting management and HVAC systems share a common buswire with configuration through a single software package at a shared head-end PC.

Pfizer Research HQ Architect: CUH2A Consultant: Arup Contractor: Fluor Daniel Size: 35,000 sq.