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Connected Lighting Management - Video Short

Connected Lighting Management saves serious amounts of energy by connecting all energy consuming services to occupation using smart sensors and open protocols. Our animated short explains how it works by comparing connected (efficient) and unconnected (inefficient) buildings.

Connected lighting and Crossrail – connecting London

Crossrail is a new high-speed rail service for London and the South East England which will change the way people travel around the capital, connecting east and west, connecting suburbs to the City and West End, and, for the first time, directly connecting London’s main business centres.

Are lighting controls really 55 years old?

Delmatic, the leading international suppliers of lighting management solutions, are celebrating 55 years since the introduction of their first lighting control systems onto the market.

Connected lighting management in action at “Nobel Prize Factory”

A connected Delmatic lighting management system in operation at the world-leading Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) demonstrates the positive impact of connected lighting management on a building’s operational effectiveness and energy-efficiency.

Connected Lighting Management System

Delmatic connected lighting management systems bring a new level of versatility and sustainability to building controls by enabling all energy-consuming services to share continually updated, location-based information on occupancy and status.

A lesson in sustainable lighting management

Delmatic DALI system helps the University of Greenwich achieve top marks for  Sustainability.

New Year, New Offices

The start of 2014 has seen the opening of two new Delmatic offices – a second office in London as well as a second office in the UAE.

It’s Good for Building Systems to Talk

Open protocol, interoperable systems allow users to meet stringent energy-efficient and sustainability goals at the same time as enabling users to reduce costs and save money, now and in the future.

Helping Commodity Quay earn its green credentials

Why is it that the most innovative construction projects also have the most ambitious sustainability objectives? The answer is that sustainable buildings make sound business sense.

New Masdar City Office in Abu Dhabi

Delmatic has expanded its presence in the Gulf region with the opening of a new office in Masdar City, the world’s most advanced sustainable urban development which is located in Abu Dhabi.