Haverstock School London, UK

Haverstock School is a 1,250 place secondary school in north London. The once-crumbling assortment of 14 Victorian buildings has been replaced by a state-of-the-art secondary school with new art, drama, sports, computer and science facilities. A Delmatic system controls lighting within all classrooms and circulation areas: corridor lighting is controlled on a circuit basis while light fittings in classrooms are equipped with Dali addressable dimming ballasts. Each classroom is equipped with a multisensor which combines presence detection with daylight sensing: the multi-sensor switches lighting based upon occupation of the room and dims lighting according to the extent of daylight. The Delmatic Dali control modules address lighting within each classroom as independent inner and outer groups enabling the amount of dimming across the room to be varied to suit daylight penetration. Local dimming control is available to the teacher so that lighting levels can be adjusted for interactive and multi-media teaching and the distributed intelligence system automatically maintains the dimming differential between the groups when lighting levels are manually adjusted.

Haverstock School Architect: Feilden Clegg Bradley Consultant: Atelier Ten Contractor: Kajima